Growing through Pruning

Peace, love, and light fam. Today is a day, much like any other. I began my day with anticipation of doing and being a better me. I have been in a mode of reflection lately—really reviewing decisions that I have made and actions I have taken or (didn’t take) as well as why I chose the path that I did. I realize that at times my choices were poor, others were awesome but they all have been valuable and necessary in order for me to become who I am today.

I am always teaching and speaking on taking action to progress as an individual. I realize that even at times I felt as though I was not moving, I actually was. And progression does not always elicit a positive vibration. It can be painful. I liken it to pruning of a tree. The tree has to be cut back in order to bloom and reach its full potential. Our experiences and our responses to those experiences, prune us and help us to reach our highest self. For example, when I became pregnant at 15, I had to grow up and become more responsible immediately. There was a life coming into the world that I was responsible for. As a pregnant teenager, I was ostracized, I was stared at, I was hurt by many—friends stop being friends, family members shunned me, and I had no support from the father of my son. I desperately needed emotional support but it was nowhere to be found, especially at home. My mother threatened me often, telling me she was going to send me to a foster home. If it wasn’t for a few friends, I probably would have given up, but they encouraged me and I have never forgotten their love and kindness.

I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, graduated with no difficulty, and did tons of other things that statistically should not have ever happened. I am sure you have a similar story; a story of how you overcame what could have been an unbearable obstacle. We have all the power within ourselves to accomplish whatever we strive for. Life is a lesson-full of obstacles, tests, trials, and triumphs. Many people have asked me if I ever have a bad day. I do but I choose to find the silver lining in my clouds. Yes, it will rain and sometimes pour but after the rain, the Sun will shine. And the Andre’a of yesterday, is not the Ashaki of today. She is ever evolving…..



Ashaki Ma’at Mirembe Ali

The Tru Lioness

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