Why a HeadWrap?

Peace, love, and light fam! I have been getting a lot of inquiries and requests for information on headwraps so I feel inclined to discuss one of my favorite topics. A headwrap for me is so much more than just a stylish head covering; it is a connection to my heritage, it is protection for my antennas to the universe, it is sacred. Some of you may be thinking that I am taking my love and admiration for a piece of cloth too far but let me explain.
When I was younger, I had family members who tied their heads up in bandannas or scarves to protect their head. I admired the head wraps and would often tie my hair up in an often sad attempt to mimic them. As I grew in age, I began to discover that head wrapping is a part of the Afrikan woman’s heritage. As I viewed pictures of women from Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia and other countries in Afrika, I felt a deep connection and pride. They were beautiful, Afrikan, with features like my own, and we were kindred spirits.
Now, as an adult wombman, I wear my headwrap with great pride and dignity. I am treated differently when I am wrapped. People seem to acknowledge the goddess energy that permeates my being and I graciously accept the positivity. Many sistars compliment my wraps and seem to be proud that I am bold enough to wear mine regularly. I also wear my headwrap at times when I feel too much negative energy. My locs are antennas to the universe and I am already very, very empathetic and highly sensitive to others’ energies. I will wrap my hair to protect my crown and chakra center from absorbing these unwanted energies. I will not get into chakras today but I will say these protecting these energy centers is essential.
I liken my headwrap to a crown; a glorious and sacred cloth that makes the world know who they are dealing with. I am at a point in my life in which I absolutely must be my authentic self. I spent many years attempting to conform in some way to those around me so as not to stand out or be perceived as too different. But, no matter how hard I tried, I always failed. Now I recognize the light that I carry inside. I am a child of the Sun and in the manner of the Sun, no matter how cloudy the skies are, no matter who doesn’t like the heat, the Sun is going to shine. And so shall I.

Ashaki Ma’at Mirembe Ali

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