It has been too too long since my last blog but I know you must be saying- “ I heard it all before” like Sunshine Anderson. But, I have honestly not felt like writing, becoming consumed with survival, as most of us. I have also been painting more, contemplating frequently, and really exploring the depths of my mind, learning myself and striving to get my shit together.

Now that I have gotten all of that out the way, let’s get into what I really want to talk about- redirection. I have always been extremely adaptable- finding ways to make do , to make space for self, creating comfort in sometimes the most precarious of situations.

But, making full pivots is something different entirely. I have not always dealt with big change well. However, I have found that when I do take more risks, when I truly step out of my comfort zone, I have made the biggest gains in my life. And I am feeling pulled to move again, to chase some new goals, to move forward in my life.

And I don’t mean only in pursuit of career goals- I also would like to entertain the idea of being in a relationship again. I do have my reservations, but why the hell not? I know what I like, what I desire, what I can offer, and have done a ton of work on myself. I am finally in a healthy space to not feel as though I “need a man”  but, I would love to have a man in my life to share experiences with, to build with, to add to his life and he to mine.

I have this saying that goes “Universe, feel free to wow me”. I am open to seeing what is in store for me at this crossroad in my life. I haven’t been disappointed yet once I stepped into a new direction. So, let’s see what this pivot brings.



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