Charlize’s Chess Game

Peace, love, and light as always! I do hope you are enjoying your weekend as I am.  By this time, I am sure most of you have seen the photos of Charlize Theron and her Afrikan son dressed in girls’ clothing.  When the photos were first seen, my Facebook timeline was inundated with posts and reposts, even re-reposts of the photos captioned with phrases such as Wtf, Wth, and Smmfh. Well, I wanted to take a few moments to weigh in.

My initial reaction was shock and then of course anger. How many times have we seen little Afrikan children be adopted by those of another culture and be seemingly lost by the misguidance of their adoptive parents? We have read stories where our children were kidnapped from Afrikan countries, treated as servants, even molested and raped by their adoptive parents. In the case of Ms. Theron and her son, I view her actions as abusive. Several months ago a video was circulated online of her being very physical and aggressive towards the child and now she has placed a blonde wig and dress on him. Why has she not been questioned at all in regards to her parenting? We have no idea what other terrible things may be going on behind the walls of her home either. And quiet as kept, if any of us in the Afrikan diaspora were to be on film abusing our children, we would have Child Protective Services banging before we knew what was going on. We have seen videos of our people “disciplining” our youth and they have been charged, arrested, etc.

Charlize Theron is the daughter of invaders. She touts her “national” identity as South Afrikan but in my opinion, she is not South Afrikan. Her ancestors invaded South Afrika and they continue to live there. She is European, no doubt about it. Her ways are those of her ancestors, oppressors of the true South Afrikans. She has been raised as many other Europeans to have a superiority complex towards anyone else outside of her culture. She is effectively training her son to be a black man that will be accepted in Western culture—devoid of Afrikan ways and emasculated. He will not identify with his culture because he is not being exposed to it at all. A dear friend once said that white supremacy despises the masculine black male and that is the honest truth. We have seen countless videos of the murders of our men, unarmed and all. The proof is in the pudding. It is the white supremacists’ way to effectively detach the Afrikan from self- identification—to make their true culture foreign to them. If your culture is foreign, you will work to continue white supremacy; the way of the West will be what is true to you and thus, the cycle will continue. We see the detachment in everyday life-from the fact that the majority of our people identify with a god that doesn’t look like them, straightening their hair so they will not be nappy, bleaching their skin to be lighter.

We must remain aware that those who seek to maintain power are playing chess. They have and always will find ways to permeate our culture, rape the culture, and quell all of our attempts at liberation. A truly liberated people fully embraces their culture but if one is trained from youth to find their culture foreign, the war is over before the first battle actually concludes. Is it admirable to adopt? Oh, most definitely. Should more Afrikans adopt? Of course we should but often lack of resources stop the process. However, we should not ignore the fact that everyone that adopts does not have an admirable aim, no matter the color. Bob Marley once sang that the Sheriff wanted to “kill them before they grow”. This is what Charlize and so many others are doing. They are snuffing out our legacy before they have an opportunity to grow and progress. She is the epitome of white supremacy—an invader that is attacking the seed mentally and we must not allow it. We must fight to end it. Our youth are our ancestors and they deserve better, so much better. Let us never be afraid to speak on the issues. I don’t care how much money she has, she should face consequences for her actions against that child and he should be removed from the home. The agenda allows it to continue. It’s up to us to send notice that this bullshit must end. No matter the cost.



Ashaki Ma’at Mirembe Alitheron

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