My Dear Family

Peace, love, and light. I feel as though I have been neglecting my writing lately but I have busier than ever these days. I am really working hard towards my goals and know what I want out of this life. I used to be someone who would flip from one dream to the next but now I have dedicated myself to these goals wholeheartedly.

I was busy working today but pressed my way to my family reunion. And though my family and I got there at the end, I was filled with so much joy seeing so many family members that I rarely get to see or have not seen in such a long time. The beauty in seeing elders of my family interact with the children in the family was priceless and I will never forget today. So often, we take the older members of our extended family for granted and once they have transitioned to the spiritual plane, we are only left with regret and memories.

We all fall short of keeping in touch with family and being present for them but we must do better. We would be better served following some of the Eastern traditions. They honor their elders highly and hold their wisdom and presence in high regard. The Western world seems to throw their elders to the rear. But, we are missing out by not tapping into them and their life experiences. Today I read that the world renowned Dr. Sebi had transitioned and as now an elder. I am hurt deeply by his passing because he contributed much to many, many people. I am even hearing that he died in prison. I am not certain of the validity of the prison story but Dr. Sebi represents the best part of our elders. Wise, concerned, and most of all true in spirit. He gave of himself wholly and only wanted the best for his people. He spent years teaching us how to eat to live and how mucus in the body caused every disease that occurs. He will certainly be missed.

And as for my many cousins who are in my age range or a little younger, their children, etc., I am grateful for each of them. I felt the realness in their embraces when they grabbed me after I entered the building. I held a brand new six week old baby cousin in my arm. I looked through the pictures of my great-grandmother Annie and my great-grandfather Luther and my great-great-grandfather Samuel and was touched to my soul. These ancestors are with me even now and I honor them each day when I give offerings at my altar. Being the spiritual ambassador for my family is so important and I connected my practices and the divine connection that occurred today.

So, I implore you. Cherish your elders while they are here. Learn from them, listen to them, be there for them. They need you too. They are precious jewels in the crown of their families. We would not be who we are if not for the elders and all who had come before us. Do not wait until they are no longer in the physical to desire their essence. Take advantage of the opportunity while you have the chance. We are all connected; beautiful pieces of the lovely tapestry that is family. And that family connections are continuing to grow…and grow….and grow.




Ashaki Ma’at Mirembe Ali

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