It’s Harvest Time

Peace, love, and light as always fam. The air early this morning was cool, crisp, and absolutely divine. I have quite an affinity for cool/cold weather (strange I know). But, anyway, most people think of spring as the season of rebirth and newness. I view fall as a similar time. It is a time of shedding off old things, off nature allowing some living things to “die” for a season, to hibernate, to put things to rest. But, it is also a time of harvest. All the work of planting and nurturing comes to fruition and one reaps what one has sown.

Harvest may or may not be vegetables though. Harvest can be representative of the hard work that you have put into accomplishing a particular goal coming to fruition. It seems I am always working on the next project or taking the next step. I realize that each step I take is correlated to my overall life path. Now, when it relates to the people, my people, we need to really think about our next steps in the path to liberation. I see positive moves from some of my comrades but I see a lot of wasted energy as well.

In my opinion, the quote-unquote “conscious community” wastes too much energy bickering, debating, and bashing, and not enough time building, working, and coordinating. The internet is an awesome tool for dispensing and distributing tons of information quickly but it can be also a hindrance to actual “work”. It is not enough to spread information online, though it has its place. We have to move away from social media being our only means of communication. If the internet fails, how many of us have phone numbers and locations for our “comrades”? How many of us have actually met offline? What happens in times of disaster and danger? Do we have safe houses established and can we get there without GPS? All of these questions are of the utmost importance.

Summer has died down, thought the temperature in certain areas still is warm. Let’s stop playing around. It is high time we got serious about the state of our union. This is not a time of peace. This is a time where strategy must outweigh our desire for normalcy. This country has shown us repeatedly how it feels about our lives. We cannot wait until death meets us at the door to make moves. Let us support one another unfailingly. Let us reach and connect with one another. We already know who is coming to save us—let’s act accordingly. We have connected online. Now let’s do the work. It’s harvest time!!



Ashaki Ma’at Mirembe Ali

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