Take Time

Peace, love, and light fam! Man we are officially in the summer season and the heat is no joke lol! Thank goodness for shade, air conditioner, and water. Anywho, there is always so much going on in the world-from the presidential race, the floods in Ghana, the ongoing threat of attacks from homegrown terrorists, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I could go on and on and on about all the terrible things, stressful things going on in our communities, country, and abroad.

Living life as a socially conscious individual, it gets tough. We always are reading between the lines, seeing the underlying truths, the hidden ugliness of our lives. It all can become overwhelming. We have had activists commit suicide because of the stress of it all. However, we have to find our peace, even when there is so much we need to be concerned with. Sometimes I feel like I am falling off my path, being consumed with family obligations. But, I realize that I have to remain true to self because at the end of the day, this life chose me. I am carrying folks on my back.

I find peace in listening to hip hop music, through writing, through playing with my children, through dance. I also have been blessed to be friends with some of the most beautiful souls on the planet. They are my family and I truly do not know where I would be without them and their love and encouragement. I have people that have my back, no matter what. So, let me just encourage you to take time to recharge your batteries. We all require rest from time to time. We are not machines. Find your place of peace from time to time because this fight is ongoing. We need you.



Ashaki Ma’at Mirembe Ali

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