Conscious Revolutionary

Peace fam! I hope you all are well and enjoying your holiday weekend. I find myself getting lost in my own thoughts lately. One thing in particular that I have been pondering is the idea of what has been termed “consciousness” as well what it means to be truly revolutionary. My conclusion is that , much like with anything else, labels are damning and restrictive.

I began the process of peeling back layers of social correctedness years ago and discovered many, many truths that were initially hard to swallow, especially the aspect of religion. And although I knew the truth of our stolen legacy, I continued to hold to falsehood so as not to be weirder than I already am. It took me years to accept my role as the proverbial black sheep. I so wanted to fall into the shadows and not be seen but light will shine, regardless of attempts to cloak, cover, or hide it.

As of lately , I have been studying life and death from a more metaphysical viewpoint which has opened my third eye even more to the fallacy and restriction so-called consciousness can place upon an individual seeking growth. I inner-under-overstand that allowing myself to be named “conscious” limits me. I am so much more than a conscious soul.

As for being revolutionary, I truly believe that I am a revolutionary and am growing more into my reality as a revolutionary daily. You may ask what qualifies me as a revolutionary. First of all, I am revolutionary in how I rear my children. I do not want them to be robots unable to make sound, independent decisions. I also teach them everything I have learned and am learning—from politics, to religion, to social responsibility, to health consciousness, the whole nine. Secondly, I am revolutionary in the way that I interact with and treat my sistars and brothas. I see each one of them as my blood and I treat them as such. Whether the individual be a Muslim , Christian, a fellow revolutionary comrade, Moor, etc, it only matters to me that we have a history that is intertwined and we need each other. I want to see them free. I want to see them liberated. I could go on about life as a revolutionary, my work in the community,etc but I won’t. I believe you get the idea. Assata Shakur once said “Revolution is love”. All of the things that I am doing and have done as well as the things I have yet to do is out of my sincere love for my people—the members of the Afrikan diaspora. Until we speak again, remember this- I love you all and will continue to fight for you until I am no longer on this earthly plane.


Peace, Love, & Light,

Ashaki Ma’at Mirembe Ali

The Tru Lioness


  1. Cazzy Oxford · May 30, 2016

    Dear sister,
    I appreciate your enlightenment on the box that means we are labeled as this or that. The definition of the label can only have it’s most powerful effects on the user not it’s target I reject labels as we are so much more than what can be encapsulated within a word. Our variety and adaptability define us as spectacular and unique beings always capable of surprising and amazing the uninformed. Conciseness to me of a state of acute awareness. While I’m aware of the different meanings of the word depending on context I am wary of the word being used as a way to demean or minimize its value. In our world of experience we as Black people must be alert and educated on a wide variety of subjects and experiences just to be able to successfully navigate all the pitfalls and hazards we are likely to confront. Conscious means to be alert and awake to what stimulates our senses. It is our responsibility to increase the sensitivity of and usefulness of the senses we are trained and equipped to make use of. Peace and Love for you on your journey to perfection.

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  2. thetrulioness · June 10, 2016

    Cazzy, I truly appreciate your insight! Have an awesome day!


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