Finding Ma’at

Peace fam! Hope you all are well. I am feeling very peaceful on this Thursday morning. The Tribe is sleeping after a long night of movie watching and my house is quiet. As I grow older, I find quiet mornings, lazy days, and peaceful nights to be more and more what I want and desire. I love to lounge around in my night clothes, burn incense, and relish in the art of doing nothing. To some people that might sound like I am being lazy but I have found that doing nothing sometimes is absolutely necessary for me to maintain my inner peace.

I have a confession to make. I am a bit of a workaholic. I spend the majority of my weekdays working 8 hours, then I come home and cook, help kids with homework, and begin to work again. I write, I paint, I make jewelry, I draw, I plan, I market. To make a long story short—I work on creating a better life than the one I had yesterday. I am often so exhausted that I will drift off to sleep fully dressed and sitting up (true story lol). Then, I do my best to make time to do community work, stay on top of current events, and continue activism work. It all gets to be very overwhelming. I have not always been the best at performing self-care and destressing.

Each year of life comes and goes and hopefully we learn lessons and apply them as we age. I have learned to embrace the things I love like a family member. I am a lover of hip hop, art, nature, dance, theater, among other things. I am a bit of a philosopher; I absolutely love pondering the workings of life. I love to play with my children. I love to talk to senior citizens. We must pursue the things that bring us joy in this life. Actively pursuing these things brings balance, order, and harmony. It is the personification of Ma’at.

The art of doing nothing is essentially the art of doing that which resonates with us as individuals and raises our vibration. I encourage you to do that which resonates with you. If you love to watch old movies, do it. You love to work on cars, just do it. You love to play video games, just do it. Find your place of joy. Maybe it is to be found in your pajamas too (smile).




Ashaki Ali Kenyatta

The Tru Lioness




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