Spring Restart

Peace to all of you on this beautiful day. I began to think about spring and all that the season represents yesterday. Spring is a time for renewal, for recharging, for rebirth, for new beginnings. I believe that many of us become so enthralled in our day-to-day tasks and responsibilities that we neglect to see the beauty and feel the vibrations around and within us. We should all take time during this precious season change to reflect on our present condition and determine the steps needed to get us to the next level in life-whether it be improving relationships, advancing careers, or even rebuilding our lives.

As for me, I have been studying different spiritual things and really focusing on daily practices to raise my vibration and expand my consciousness. I realize that I should also relish in the fact that I have grown as a person and celebrate my successes. I also need to learn to unplug, to recharge, and to get rest so that I have the strength and energy to fight another day. Self- care is of the utmost importance.

The season change is upon us and with the increase in the length of daylight, the sight of flowers blossoming, and trees fully green in all their glory, I cannot help but to feel  inspired. There is so much beauty to be found all around us, if we only take the time to observe it. I know that some of you may be totally preoccupied with the upcoming presidential election, the societal issues such as racism, exploitation, and corruption. But, we have to have balance in our lives. Do not be so involved that you lose sight of the good things in life. In the words of Nas, “Life is good, no matter what, life is good.”


Ankh, Udja, Seneb (Life, Health, & Prosperity),

Ashaki Ali Kenyatta

The Tru Lioness

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