Pearls of Wisdom

Happy Friday beautiful people! I hope that you all are well. I am exhausted this morning but for great reason. I attended a wonderful lecture held by Dr. Runoko Rashidi. He was very down to earth, very knowledgeable, and wise. His love for the Afrikan people of the world was most apparent. He shared a presentation of his travels and of beautiful Afrikan people from all over the world. You never hear of black people living in places like Suriname, Turkey, Russia, etc. I was in awe viewing the pictures of ancient and present day Afrikans from around the globe.

As he shared stories about some of the people and his experiences, he weaved a tapestry of jewels that was priceless. He spoke fondly of his teacher, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, and shared pictures of some of our most beloved ancestors, Dr. John H. Clarke, Dr. Yosef- Ben Jochannan, Chancellor Williams, and Dr. John G. Jackson. In the words of another dear ancestor, Malcolm X, Dr. Rashidi “made it plain”. He advised that we focus on healthy Afrikan relationships, supporting black owned businesses, and working together for our liberation. Many of the topics he spoke on are things that I have been writing and speaking on for several years. I feel even more inspired to continue the work that I love so dearly.

I also had the chance to be exposed to some images and information that I had not heard about but certainly will be researching such as Bilal, the slave woman with the iron mask named Anastassia, and the writings and life of Alexander Pushkin. Dr. Runoko also noted that we as a people are suffering due to severe conditioning and brainwashing. Our history can serve as a light to a more enlightened existence. It will be a lifelong pursuit and struggle to overcome such extensive conditioning.

This year is shaping up to be one of my best yet! It is only February and I have already had the opportunity to meet one of my personal heroes Sister Souljah and now I have been able to sit at the feet of one of our greatest historians, Dr. Runoko. I encourage all of my sistars and brothers to pursue knowledge of self with intensity and zeal. It is my belief that gaining such knowledge opens your eyes and causes you to begin to see the value in your own people. Once you truly love self and love your people, you are more able to find the needs and work towards solutions. I am seeing wonderful work in communities throughout the world. Let’s continue. Each one teach many!!


Peace, Love, and Light,

Ashaki Ma’at Mirembe Kenyatta

The Tru Lioness



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