An Ode to Huey

Today we celebrate what would have been the 74th bEarthday of one of most beloved warrior/leader/revolutionary fathers, Huey P. Newton. There is so much I could say about the man, but I instead would like to share a poem I wrote in his honor.

Thanks to you warrior

Thanks for the knowledge

For giving power back to the people

Passing info around colleges

Thanks for the lessons taught

Outside of church steeples

Thanks for enlightening masses

Making freedom believable

Thanks for fighting the fight

For calling a pig its name

Thanks for helping love our blackness

Inspire  us to seek our real names

Thanks for feeding the needy

For empowering the youth

For challenging the greedy

For insisting on the truth

Thanks for pushing for liberation

For restoring our hope

For the time you spent in prison

And not on corners selling dope

Salute to you Huey

Your star still shines on

Thanks for revolutionary light

For being a glimmer of a new dawn

Let us be reminded of the greatness that is you

Of the death of Bobby Hutton and George Jackson

Of all the political imprisonments too

Huey we are still fighting

Fighting to be free

Your death is not in vain

Though they wished it would be

So,  I proclaim power to the people!

I carry your hope inside

My blackness is never shameful

It is a source of pride!

Speak to us dear brother

We know you are still here

Give us strength to fight on

Carrying us from year to year…


One love and blessings to all of our dear ancestors!

Huey Newton (Feb. 17, 1942- August 22, 1989)




Photo Credit: Life Magazine

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