Once in a Lifetime Meeting

Peace, love, and light to everyone on this beautiful Friday. I am in the most wonderful mood after having the pleasure of being in the presence of one of my personal heroes, Sister Souljah. Just writing that sentence makes me smile! She was everything I imagined that she would be—eloquent, genuine, real, warm, and most of all loving. Her divine essence was pure light and definitely was a blessing to my spirit.

The event was held in a public library. As I made my way into the space, I noted Souljah standing on the left at the podium. The energy of positivity, love, and admiration filled the space as well as the eyes of all who were present. As Souljah took questions from the attendees, I noted how she spoke with truth, with fire, and actually “listened” to the questions, took the time to think about her responses, and never rushed anyone who had multi-layers to their questions. Her compassion was apparent in each phrase that she spoke. I watched as she looked the attendees in their eyes, how some were brought to tears as they attempted to frame their question, how her heart remained open to us all.

The brothers and sistars who attended all had a look of appreciation on their faces as she took time to take pictures with them, hug them, and sign autographs. The knowledge that she shared was absolutely inspiring and truly has left an indelible mark upon my mind, spirit, and my heart. You can never be in the presence of such greatness and not be changed. As I listened to her describe her craft of writing, I realized how much is possible; how a turn of a phrase, a sentence, a paragraph can absolutely change someone’s life, even if the work is fictional. I also realized that there are many stories that are left to tell, that need to be told, that we must put into the universe.

Sister Souljah is a modern griot, a masterful storyteller, a gem to us all. I have been changed by this experience. May she continue to provide a voice to the voiceless, inspiration to the forgotten, and apply her soothing salve of storytelling to the brokenhearted.



Andre’a The Tru Lioness

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