Be the Peace You Seek

Peace everyone. I hope this message finds you all in peace and harmony. I notice I say peace a lot these days, more so than I used to. Is it because of the lack of peace that I have in my life? Is it because of the desire to see more peace in this world? Is it because I am a bit of a hippie? I do believe it is a little bit of all of these things. Albert Einstein once said ““Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” I am finding me; ever-evolving, transforming, transmuting, vibrating, and becoming.

My revolutionary thoughts and actions never supersede my ultimate desire and also my manner. I am a very peaceful person and find myself seeking it more and more. Planetary alignment and Mercury retrograde aside, I have always been very comfortable being with myself. Not a lot of people can say that they enjoy solitude. It is in solitude where one can truly make inquiries to the universe and actually receive a response. I am known for being lively and social but I am actually a bit introverted. I would much rather be to myself, reading, creating, and thinking, than being in a  large loud crowd.

I said all of that to say this—life is tough and sometimes it is hard to turn off the noise inside of ourselves. However, it is so necessary to learn to still our minds and find peace within. Revolution begins in the mind. I have learned that the things that we seek externally are actually representative of that which we need internally, well outside of the necessities. We fill our lives with stuff that we actually do not need, waste time doing things that are not feeding our spirits, and with people who are literally draining the life out of us and why?? We have no peace within. We do not love ourselves as we should. We have no comfort.

So, what is next? Take a look in the mirror and find out what you really and truly desire. Do you really need another television in your home, another purse? Do you really love him or is he just a distraction? Can you be alone with yourself and not go crazy? Then think about your level of peace. Do you have peace within? Like my girl Lauryn Hill said “How you gon win when you ain’t right within?”  Think about it. Be gentle and loving to yourself. You deserve peace, joy, happiness, and love. Raise your vibration so that the true revolution can begin.



Peace, Love, and Light,

Andre’a The Tru Lioness



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