Take Care of You

Peace, love, and light everyone! We are already halfway through the month of January. All I can say is Wow! My grandmother used to say “Time waits for no man” and that is so true. I often think that I am wasting time but I realize that the work I am doing is more internal. These days, I am spending my so-called “free time” reading, meditating, researching, exploring, reflecting, and learning more about myself.

I have not always taken time for me, quiet time in solitude, truly alone with my thoughts. I realize now that the time of solitude is necessary for my own sanity. We all need time to recharge, to be with ourselves, to tend to ourselves. I know that as a mother /daughter/sister/friend, I have often sacrificed myself and my well-being and comfort in order to be there for others. However, I now know that I was not helping them at full capacity because I was not taking care of myself as I should.
There is an old saying that goes “You cannot serve from an empty vessel”. I know that my life as a servant of the people requires that I refill myself. I need love, I need joy, I need peace, I need quiet, I need music, and guess what? The things I need in order to feel balanced and at harmony and peace with self is perfectly A-Okay!

I used to fill my life with “things” that were not meeting any particular need. They were filling physical space in my home but never the spiritual and emotional spaces in which I actually yearned to be filled but did not overstand my own need. I now know and overstand that everything is energy and vibration and that I am a spirit first and foremost- a wonderful spirit that requires nourishing from a different perspective.  And so are you. I want to encourage you to listen to yourself. If you need to step outside, take a few deep breaths—do it. If you need to take a day to just walk in the park—do it. If you need to take a weekend and be with yourself—do it. Resonance is a message from yourself to yourself to do what your true (Spirit self) wants, needs, and desires. Take heed. It’s absolutely fine to let go!!


Have an Awesome Day!

Andrea The Tru Lioness


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