What is nostalgia? It is the feeling of times past, the memories that we hold dear, the sounds, smells, sights, that evoke emotions and comfort from years gone by. Music is like a time machine, taking you back to the exact moment you made eye contact with your first love, or when your mother told you that your father died, or when you went on your first date. Nostalgia has been a good feeling, like grandma’s blankets keeping you warm on a freezing winter night, like the first time my first love held my hand gently in the living room of my mother’s house, like the warm embrace of my grandfather. These days of my life are filled with hard work, serious decision making, as well as intense pressure. My memories are a soft place to fall, a place of love and peace. I am no fool and I know not to place more value on my past than I do on my future, but when I am going through difficult times, I will time travel and take a vacation from today.

I will be 35 years young this upcoming March. It seems strange because I do not feel like I am that old! However, I am grateful to still be on this physical plane today. So many loved ones and friends have transitioned so I am very grateful for this physical life this time around. The memories of those who have gone on before me hold many keys to lessons I am learning right now so I analyze the lessons and wisdom shared.

Life is very cyclical, as is the universe. Things will come full circle in life and to add to that, lessons will continue to reappear to you if you do not learn the lesson the first time. I also realize that the reason that I am perpetually a joyful person is because I have effectively been able to hold onto the “good” vibrations of my past which permeates my spirit and oozes from my aura. I am able to relate to so many different types of people because I have chosen to be an open spirit, to actually see people as they are authentically, because I do not walk in pretension.

One day I will be gone from this life—physically I will be no more. It is my hope that my spirit evokes periods of nostalgia and lessons for those I am connected to; that vibrations of peace, love, harmony, balance, and joy follows them wherever they are and that they have wisdom to realize that it is divine communication between my spirit and theirs. Peace to the ancestors that communicate with me daily.

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